During this digital era, the number of mobile application tools and languages are constantly increasing, such as Java and objective C, but using them takes a lot of effort and they are very time consuming. That’s where React Native comes, building a mobile application with this framework has never been easier. React Native is a leading mobile application development tool created by Facebook that develops Android and iOS apps.

In this article we will break down for you 8 reasons why you should consider using React Native in your next mobile application development.

  1. Fast mobile app development

React Native helps you benefit from saving time, effort as well as money when it comes to using the same codebase for developing different mobile operating systems such as ios and androids platforms. It also provides you with components for image, text, animations, keyboard input and so on. Your business will be able to shorten the development cycle and reduce the effort by 50% without compromising either the quality or productivity.

  1. Unique UI

Picker, Switch and slider are the famous pre-built declarative components that can help you build unique UIs. ToucheableOpacity and TouchabeNativeFeedback gives you the opportunity to create your own components.

3.      Easy transformation from Web into a Mobile App

React Native where there is a single code that is usable, one update is required for both platforms and web updates are faster and easier to make. Detecting bugs between codebases is simpler. React Native also holds a modular and intuitive interface where you can easily engage and understand a project.

  1. Credibility

React Native is a popular framework that since its development has been used by multiple well known apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Uber…

  1.  Easy to Learn

Knowing the basic language of Javascript and React is enough for you to understand React Native code. The official documentation holds many code examples, it is a great source of help as well as a beginner friendly.

  1. Community Support

React Native holds a very strong community support, you can ask questions and find help from many communities on multiple platforms like facebook and discord, to name a few like the React Native Facebook Group Reactiflux, Discord community and the React Native Spectrum community. There Are also multiple libraries that contain a large selection of react native components created on Native Directory and JS Coach websites.

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