Once you consider having a mobile app for your business, you are instantly bombarded with different terminologies. This is why it’s crucial to know the several types of mobile application out there, that each with their own specificities.

In this article Mobyssey has the answer to all your questions about hybrid applications.


Hybrid applications are a combination of web technology as well as native execution. Elements from applications that are developed for a specific platform including Android or IOS which are the native apps, along with elements from websites that look like apps, accessed through the internet but cannot be installed on a device, called web apps.

Developers use HTML, Javascript and CSS to create hybrid mobile applications, then using special platforms, hybrid apps get put in native application environment.

Once the hybrid app is downloaded and installed, through an app embedded browser, it will be able to connect to what capability provided the mobile platform.

What makes hybrid apps so popular and attractive compared to other apps is the ability to write a single code to both the Android and iOS apps.

Hybrid App features

These are some features included in hybrid apps: 

  • Hybrid apps can function without internet
  • Integration with the file system of the mobile device.
  • Web-based services are integrated within the hybrid apps.
  • An in-app browser to help improve the access to online dynamic content.

Advantages of hybrid applications:

  • Unlike native apps, hybrid apps are less time consuming when it comes to building.the code is written only once for both iOS and android apps
  • It cost a lot cheaper when developing due to unnecessary to build the two different versions of native apps.
  • Easy when it comes to launchines patches and running updates.
  • Agile development cycle included in the user experience
  • App store limitation is avoided when it concerns new versions submission and the wait for validation. It is unnecessary for hybrid apps developers to resubmit the new version when in need of updates.

Hybrid applications limits

  • In order to have proper operation it’s required to test the application on various range of devices
  • The app navigation depends on the speed of the browser.
  • Hybrid app can perform slower than other apps and may affect page transition
  • The inability to fully exploit the platforms’ capabilities. The use of a combined platform specific plugins and code, complicates the development of the app
  • Restricted use of a device’s full potential due to webview.
  • Other platforms can suffer from lack of quality and bugs if developers depend on just one platform.
  • Application’s appearance may vary from a platform to another.

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