The Application Specification is a precise and complete application details and requirements document that will bring your development team into alignment with the owner’s perspective and it will help you get a clear vision of what needs to be done. You can always modify the requirements to suit your specific needs. If the application Specification is done properly, you will prevent any unwanted consequences at the end.

In this article Mobyssey will break down for you the steps that can help you create a complete mobile app specification.


This section requires a brief description of your company, the vision that you hold for your business, your sector you are operating, when was your company created and previous software solutions or mobile applications that you have released.

These can kind of information can provide a clear picture of your business, your principales goals for your solution as well as the type of your business process

The idea of the mobile application

Once you figured your mobile application idea, it should be written down and come up with the Now that you have come up with an idea for your mobile application You have come up with the main focus and purpose and the problem that it’s going to solve.

Before proceeding with any work, you need to do market research. It should identify your current customers, review your rivals as well as determine your target audience.

Starting off with primary and secondary market research with the help of various types of academic researchers and focus groups or online platforms. Secondary research can involve the SWOT analysis including strength weakness of the app and opportunities and threats that she may face in the sector . You can also achieve a deeper understanding of your product by setting SMART goals which are specific, measurable, attainable and realistic.

Target audience

Identifying your target audience is a crucial step. Determining who is going to use your app and why as well analysing their motivations to install it. Mentioning several factors like age, gender, country, interest and income.

Technology portfolio and platforms

In this section you will identify what type of mobile app that you are going to use for your application whether it’s native or hybrid apps. As each type of mobile app will have a different result and will require a specific budget and timing.


The following section outlines the features that you want to include in your application. The most efficient way to do this is to picture how users will use your application and separate it into different screens or steps. Some of the basic features that you should think about are : login payment system push notification and so on


In order to achieve a better understanding between the different features of the app and functionality that are needed you have to create Wireframes. A detailed diagram that will provide a clear idea of layout, style and elements position on the screen

Time and budget

Analysing the time required to create a mobile application, as well as its cost, is a crucial step.

There are several ways to write a mobile application specification and they are all correct. If you want to create your own mobile specification, don’t hesitate to contact Mobyssey. Our experts will be there to guide throughout your project.