Develop a native or hybrid application? This question is most often asked by our customers during meetings, especially when we discuss their product or service roadmap. Indeed, each company needs and each type of mobile application its advantages and disadvantages, so it is only natural that the publisher is confronted with this technical arbitration at the time of reflection. Small zoom on the different types of applications, their strengths and their limits, with Mobyssey the mobile development agency in Paris

Intuitive and interactive, mobile applications are not only used to support the activity of the company but also to boost and energize it. From now on, it is the business and marketing needs of the firm that take precedence over the choice of technology and functionalities of a mobile application. The goal is to create a useful interface, offering real services to the user and meeting the expectations of the company. So, before designing and developing your mobile application, start by establishing a relevant “scoring” of your “business value”.